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Dive into a beautiful but strange world.
BOOR is a challenging 2D puzzle-platformer set in EDEN, a strange world where you accidentally landed. Use your special ability, the power to multiply yourself, to solve puzzles in your way to explore the world.

World Explore a visually-rich world.
Explore EDEN, a human colony far from Earth.
Puzzles Solve challenging puzzles.
The world is filled with different puzzles that you'll have to solve to carry on.
Robots Fight against the robots.
Fight against the enemies as you travel the world to solve the mystery.




Dazlog Studio, based in Spain

BOOR website

PC, Mac & Linux

Release date:
14th Feb. 2017

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BOOR is a 2D puzzle-platformer game, where you control a girl with a great power, the ability to multiply herself. With this power, she will be able to solve different puzzles that will block her way to explore a beautiful but strange world where she accidentally landed.


  • A beautiful world filled with challenging puzzles and secrets.
  • More than 80 levels.
  • Available on PC, Mac & Linux.
  • Localised in different languages: English, Spanish, French & German.



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Original soundtrack


Who's behind?

Daniel Moreno

BOOR was developed by Dazlog Studio, a one-man-army game studio.
I'm Daniel Moreno, the one who made the game, built this website, edited the trailers, and everything else! It could sound as a lot of work (and it is!), but I'm very passionate about video games and I really like working on them.

You can find more about Dazlog Studio on the website or Twitter.

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